What is Veterans Aid and Attendance?

A monthly tax-free income benefit that is payable to veterans for the spouse of deceased veterans who served during a war period. They do not need to have been in combat nor is the country of war. The individual also will need to quality medically as needing ongoing assistants of another person “excluding the spouse” and performing two or more of the activities of daily living “adls”.

How can I get help paying Nursing Home Expenses?

Most people who enter nursing homes do not qualify for Medicaid at first but pay for the very high costs of this care through long-term care insurance or out of pocket until the insurance runs out and/or they have spent down their savings and are then eligible for Medicaid. Eligibility depends upon how much an individual has in assets.

Protect Your Family Assets

How do I qualify for Medicaid to help with Nursing Home Expenses?

The rules vary from state to state but normally an individual can have 2K or less in their name. A couple with one in a nursing home may find more favorable rules with their assets.

Can I keep my home if my spouse goes in to the Nursing Home?

If Medicaid pays for your husband’s care in the nursing home, you will not have to contribute anything from your income towards his cost of care. Generally you can keep the home as the community spouse.

Can we get Nursing Home Financial assistance even if we have assets?

Yes! Medical Assistance coverage for nursing home care has both financial and medical eligibility rules. The financial eligibility rules are discussed in the questions below. This leaflet does not answer all the possible questions about Medical Assistance for nursing home care. Each person’s situation is different, and the result depends on the exact facts. There are proven financial strategies that can be used to help families save assets and still qualify for financial assistance.

What’s the average cost of a Nursing Home per month?

National average costs for long-term care in the United States (in 2016) averages $225 a day!

Does Medicare pay for Nursing Home care?

If  you qualify, then Original Medicare may cover expenses related to your nursing home care in a skilled nursing facility for the first 100 days as follows: For days 1 to 20 of your stay during the benefit period, you pay $0. For days 21 to 100 of your stay, you pay $167.50 per day in 2018 as coinsurance.

Is there a way to protect my assets so the Nursing Home doesn’t take them?

Long term care insurance is an option. You should discuss your situation with an experienced nursing home consultant.

I can’t afford Nursing Home care for my loved one and I can no longer care for them.  What can I do?

This individual may qualify for Medicaid. They may still have assets that would normally disqualify them but there are ways to save those assets. Consult with an experienced nursing home planner and find out your options during a FREE consultation.

If my spouse goes in the Nursing Home, the Nursing Home will take their income.  How will I survive?

You can keep your income. Medicaid calculates what you need as monthly income based on a fixed formula (not necessarily what you really need). To the extent your own income is less than the amount they determine, you may keep part of your spouse’s income to make up the difference. This is done on a case by case basis. CALL US FOR DETAILS!

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