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Keibler & Sutherland has been helping people for over 35 years with financial planning. We know how hard it is to understand all the legalities involved with caring for your loved ones in nursing homes or assisted living. You can trust Keibler & Sutherland to help guide you through the financial aspects of it. Keibler & Sutherland offers free consultations to evaluate your situation and prepares a proposal at no charge to your family.

How Can Keibler & Sutherland Services Help?

Keibler and Sutherland help individuals who are no longer able to care for themselves. These individuals may need or are already receiving, assisted living, additional in-home care, or nursing home care. We help these individuals qualify for financial assistance through Medicaid or VA Pensions. This is done without the individual having to lose all their assets to the nursing home or the state. Keibler & Sutherland will be able to sit down with you and determine whether you may benefit from these programs and be able to preserve your family’s assets.

Keibler and Sutherland can also help non-spouse family members receive compensation for the care they provide in assisting at home.

What’s Involved in The Process?

  1. Contact Keibler & Sutherland and schedule a consultation. Keibler & Sutherland offers free consultations to evaluate your situation. Every family situation is different, so it takes an experienced adviser to navigate the legalities and necessary steps in preserving your assets. Roy Keibler is one of Southern Indiana’s most experienced financial professionals in this field, with over 35 years in financial services.
  2. Keibler & Sutherland will then review the information and determine what level of care the family may qualify for at this time. Then, we prepare a proposal at no charge to your family that will give a good summary of what assets could be saved and how we will do it. Generally, with a husband and wife situation, we can save basically all of their assets.
  3. Your family decides if they’d like to move forward with services. Keibler & Sutherland assists along the way with acquiring necessary financial documents and filing appropriately to get approval for Medicaid or VA Pensions.

Financial planning

Whether you’re interested in pre-planning or you’re in a crisis situation we can help you qualify for medical care assistance that you or your loved one may need while maximizing the assets you keep.


We offer free consultations and are passionate to help families get the care giver services they need without draining the family of all their assets. We do make house calls and nursing home visits to meet with families as needed.


Roy Keibler has been helping families to prepare for and make Medicaid filings since 2000. As a licensed insurance professional of over 34 years, we carry a wealth of knowledge in insurance, investments, and financial planning to aid in the process.

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