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Roy Keibler

Founder & Co-Owner

As the most experienced financial adviser in the local area, Roy has been helping families qualify for financial assistance while simultaneously saving a large portion of their cash assets; for 39 years.

Roy has extensive knowledge of insurance, investments, and financial planning, combined with over 20 years of helping families with Medicaid, Veterans Aid, and Attendance; making him highly qualified to help families preserve their assets.

Mr. Keibler is a member of the National Ethics Bureau and a Certified Senior Advisor. To maintain this membership, Roy has to pass annual testing. He’s helped families with their Medicaid filings since 2000 and looks forward to serving many more families. Keibler & Associates also maintains an A+ rating with the BBB.

Elizabeth Keibler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Elizabeth attended Indiana University with a degree in Business Administration.

Elizabeth has worked at Liberty Bank, Bank One, J.P. Morgan Chase, Huntington Bank and Suntrust Bank as a marketing executive for the last 20 years. In earlier years, she was a Real Estate Broker.

Over 20 years ago, she started Keibler & Associates with her husband, Roy Keibler. They implemented a program that would help families that have loved ones either in or about to go into a Nursing Home or Assisted Living facility to preserve their assets and gain financial assistance to help cover the costs of care they needed. 

To us, You are Family

About Us

Roy & Elizabeth Keibler are the founders and owners of Keibler & Associates, Inc. Together, they started the company in 2000 with the goal of helping individuals, who were in a nursing home, preserve their assets. They firmly believe that you shouldn’t lose everything just because you need someone to help care for you.

Over 20 years later, they are still proudly helping many families preserve their assets and have expanded their business to add a case director. If one of your loved ones is in a nursing home, please contact Roy today to see how Keibler & Associates may be able to help your family preserve their assets.

Your Guide through Life Transitions

What We Offer.

Providing Knowledgeable, Experienced Financial and Insurance Advice.

Nursing Home Planning

We offer free consultations and are passionate to help families get the care giver services they need without draining the family of all their assets. We make house calls and nursing home visits to meet with families as needed. We can also help assist in finding the appropriate care facility for your loved one.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement may last longer than you think. You may need to plan for a retirement that lasts 30 years or longer. Will you outlive your money? We at Keibler & Associates can help you structure your assets in a way that preserves family assets while guiding you through these life transitions.

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Medicare Planning

With the Medicare options available to you, you’re free to choose the plan that best fits your goals and lifestyle. We have the knowledge and the product access to provide the best possible solutions and help you avoid the uncertainty, worry, and potential expensive oversights involved in choosing a Medicare plan.

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To us, You are Family.

Protecting & preserving what you have worked hard for, so you can pass it on, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

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